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Sometimes, it pays to go against the crowd.

For example, the real estate market is definitely at a peak during the spring and the summer.

However, going against this trend and listing your home in the fall can have some very real benefits:

#1 Buyers are more serious.

During the spring and summer, many buyers are more curious than committed.

On the other hand, buyers in the fall tend to be more serious.

That's because many have been searching throughout the summer and have not found their perfect home yet.

Other fall buyers are simply forced to look for a new home because of a new job, a work relocation, or because they want to get the move complete ahead of the holidays.

In other words, fall buyers make up in dedication to what they might lack in numbers.

#2 There's less competition.

It's no secret that most homes are listed in the spring and summer.

However, those homes that are not sold by the end of the summer are often delisted. Otherwise, they start to draw...


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